Mr. Norm Sparks

October 19, 2020  • 

It is with sorrow that we announce the passing of one of the Cornwell Branch’s former Presidents. Mr. Norm Sparks passed away on October 14, 2020. Mr. Sparks was a Sea Cadet in John Travers Cornwell VC during the 1960s and was a long serving Navy League of Canada member. Mr. Sparks served as Cornwell Branch President between 2005 - 2006 and then as Manitoba Division President between 2007 - 2009.

2020 National President's Award awarded to Cornwell Branch Member

May 11, 2020  • 

On April 25, 2020, during the Navy League of Canada National Annual General Meeting, Mr. John Jamieson, Cornwell Branch member and JTCVC Alumni Chairperson, was awarded the National President's Award for his many years of dedication, service and volunteering with the Navy League of Canada.

See the pictures and full story on the Manitoba Division website.

Three Cornwell Branch Members Receive their Life Memberships

September 13, 2017  • 

Three members of the Cornwell (Winnipeg) Branch received their life membership for 25 or more years of service to the Navy League of Canada. Lt(N) Kevin Daeninck, Lt(N) Lorne Palmquist and Lt(N) Susan Chadwick, all serving member of our Corps, RCSCC John Travers Cornwell VC, received their Life Memberships at a ceremony at The Navy League of Canada Manitoba Division’s annual awards banquet.

Other Cornwell Branch members receiving awards on that night include: LCdr George Bruce for 40 years of service, LCol (Retd) Rick Hunt for 30 years of service and Mr. Norman Sparks and Mr. John Jamieson for 20 years of service. Lt(N) Kevin Daeninck, Lt(N) Amanda Norquay, Sgt (Retd) Janine Brémault Bamford, Ms. Cecile Howells and CPO2 Andrew Puttenham all received an Award of Appreciation and a Sea Cadet Centennial Challenge Coin for their exceptional work on the Sea Cadet Centennial Celebration in June.

See the pictures and full story on the Manitoba Division website.

Cornwell at the Gun Display Case

September 7, 2017  • 

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, the Cornwell (Winnipeg) Branch and the JTCVC Alumni unveiled a permanent display for the Cornwell at his Gun print and formally presented it to the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps John Travers Cornwell VC. Making the presentation on behalf of the Branch was Branch President Don Bullee and on behalf of the JTCVC Alumni was Alumni Chair John Jamieson. Receiving the presentation on behalf of the Corps was the Corps Commanding Officer Lt(N) Kevin Daeninck and Corps Coxswain CPO1 Riley Howells.

Cornwell (Winnipeg) Branch AGM

June 1, 2017  • 

The Cornwell (Winnipeg) Branch of The Navy League of Canada held their Annual General Meeting aboard HMCS Chippawa on Thursday, June 1, 2017. It was also the twentieth anniversary of the formation of the Cornwell (Winnipeg) Branch, so several of the original founding members were in attendance.

JTCVC Annual Ceremonial Review

May 18, 2017  • 

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps John Travers Cornwell VC held their Annual Ceremonial Review on Thursday, May 18, 2017. Reviewing Officer, LCdr. W.P. Stiff, inspected the Guard, Band and the four divisions of the Ship’s Company. LCdr. Stiff was accompanied by Corps Commanding Officer, Lt(N) K. Daeninck, Corps Coxswain, CPO1 R. Howells and Navy League of Canada Division President, B. Hawkeye and Branch President, L. Schenkeveld.

New JTCVC Corps Badge Painting

May 4, 2017  • 

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps John Travers Cornwell VC unveiled a new painting of their corps badge at Ceremonial Divisions on Thursday. The Alumni, represented by Larry Schenkeveld, Cornwell (Winnipeg) Branch President, and Andy Huhn, artist, formally presented the painting to the Corps. The commanding officer, Lt(N) Kevin Daeninck, and the coxswain, CPO1 Riley Howells, accepted the painting on behalf of the Corps.